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Meet Carly

Mindset & High-Performance Coach

Carly's journey into coaching was accidental. What started as a self-development journey transformed her from an insecure, people-pleasing girl who feared being seen, to a confident young woman firmly standing in her power.

More specifically, she began to notice the power she gained from facing her shadows. Her career goals became easier to achieve, she felt aligned with her decisions, her connections deepened and finally she decided she couldn't keep quiet anymore. She knew that she found her calling, and chose to step out and help others awaken to their power too.

With her background helping companies become more influential through high performing sales and copy, paired with her training in CBT, EFT and various spiritual practices, Carly's unique background has led her to excel in spotting patterns, misalignment and limiting beliefs.


Ready to hack your subconscious mind and step into your power? 

Woman Lecturer

They Awaken

The name They Awaken came from the intention of this company: to help as many people as possible re-awaken to the power within them. 

Mindset programs have a heavy focus on shadow work and also incorporate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and meditation. 

For those interested in high-performance coaching, we work with new or aspiring entrepreneurs and startup leaders. We also have a network of exceptional coaches for executives which can be shared upon request. 

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