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Growing up I was never taught how to hack my subconscious mind to break through internal barriers.

And even though you KNOW you're meant for more, I bet you weren't either.


I'm Carly Lumsden

A Coach that got here completely accidentally. 

Like you, I knew I was meant for more than what I was presented at school or that I saw growing up. And when I looked at the mentors I wanted to be like (from afar on YouTube and through books) they all said one thing: putting your head down and following the plan of "working harder" isn't the trick to changing your life. 

Changing YOURSELF is. 

So, that's what I did (and will continue to do!). I spent years focused solely on self-exploration, working through trauma, shadow work, education and mindset shifts. 

It worked.

Soon enough I had created repeatable systems to hack my mind and skip the "traditional" steps others told me I needed to hit goals.

More money came in, I ended up working alongside some of those mentors I had watched years prior, I built deeper connections, I built a business to live the "digital nomad life," my self-esteem became unshakeable--and those are only the high-level wins. 

With the personal success I knew it was time to share it with others and that's where the coaching came in! Now I help my clients break through their own barriers to become the people they truly deserve to be too!

What dreams would you pursue if you knew that they really were possible?

Well they are, and here's how we're going to get there...

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Hitting goals that give you that rush of excitement and that feeling of "awe" that you actually did it don't come from traditional vision setting. Instead, they come from getting crystal clear on dreams that the highest version of yourself wants. This is our first step. 

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The 1st step to hacking the subconscious mind is identifying where it's holding us back. This can be tough to spot at first glance since our subconscious mind contains the beliefs we're (as the name suggests) not conscious of. We start to bring them to our awareness here.

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We're often taught to use band-aid fixes to change our life. This doesn't work--pulling limiting beliefs out from the root does. Shadow work is a process where we face the parts of ourselves we tend to hide away. This is where we fully identify the root of our subconscious limits. 

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It's now time to start rewiring the subconscious mind. Here, we plant seeds that shift us into the person we need to be to align with our dreams. "Thinking yourself into success" is a fallacy. We use a holistic approach that is scientifically proven to work. 

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The smartest people in the world hold themselves back because they fall into analysis paralysis. All of the subconscious hacking in the world can't save someone who sits on their butt! So, in our final module we create an actionable plan to get you the results you deserve. It's game time.

Get Started

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Breaking Barriers: Signature Coaching Program is for you if:

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  1. You're ready to be the hero, not the victim of your life. 

  2. You know that you're meant for more and you're ready to step into that version of yourself. 

  3. You're open and willing to learn new holistic skills including shadow work and EFT that you may have never encountered before.

  4. You're willing to commit to yourself and your transformation. 

  5. You're sick of unmet goals and playing small. 

I'm loving doing the exercises in the app! I've been going through them slowly because I'm low on time, but even if I do only 5 minutes per day I find it beneficial. 


1-on-1 Virtual 
Support & Coaching

 As you go through the program at your own pace, you will have direct access to Carly for questions, feedback and help.

Holistic Program

We use evidence-based holistic coaching including:

  • Video Trainings

  • CBT

  • EFT

  • Guided Meditations

5-Modules at Your Own Pace

Go through the program at the pace that feels right for you through our app.

Program Valued at $1,650

for $341

Prices are in CAD, but anyone around the globe can join.


Here are answers to some common questions!


How long is the program?

The program is 5-Modules long and can be completed at your own pace. The program can be completed in as little as 1 week if you're committed to daily work (1 hr+ per day), or 5 weeks if you do 1 module per week, or really whatever schedule works for you. 


What qualifications do you have?

Yes! Apart from my extensive business and leadership qualifications, I'm a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner, Certified Meditation Practitioner and Teacher, and a a Certified EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner.


How much 1-on-1 support do I get?

You get as much 1-on-1 virtual support as you need! You can ask questions, ask for feedback, share exciting realizations all in a private messaging portion of the app with me (Carly!). Everything is confidential and answered in a timely manner too.


Is success guaranteed?

You get what you put in! This program has given many of my clients and I repeatable success, but only because we followed the plan and did the work. All I can do is show you the steps, but you are in charge of implementing them and asking for help when you need it.

Are you ready? 

Join the Program Today!

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